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Finding a Nursing Home for an older loved one is not only a hard decision to make but also an emotional decision. What location is best, what price works for you and your family, will the Nursing Home feel inclusive and connected to its local community, are there enough activities happening here.

Grandpal is making it easier for you to select the right Nursing Home, at the right time for that important family member of yours. We aim to provide you with all the information you need to help you make informed decisions, and find peace of mind knowing the person you love is being looked after in the right environment and has the kind of nursing care they need.

Only 5% of all older people ever need to move into a Nursing Home. Moving into a Nursing Home is a big step for an older person but is also a big choice for the family around them. Please browse Grandpal to help you find the right Nursing Home for you.

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